Virgin Management were needing an update to the birthday cards they give out to staff.

The theme they wanted to go with was "Out of this World", as they have a big focus on space this year

I tried a few concepts of different space based designs, and this is the one they liked best.

The image for the card is meant to have quite a paperly feel too it, as if someone had hand stuck the different parts onto the card. All the individual assets were drawn in illutrator, before being put into Photoshop for layout. I then added few different paper texture overlays to give it that papery feel.

This was then exported out, minus a few parts that would be comped into InDesign to ensure they stayed as vector objects, such as the title, and the Virgin logo.

The card was printed onto a cardstock of about 300gsm, with a matte laminate applied to after to keep match the feel I was trying to achieve.

I then in my freetime decided to make up the scene in 3d as a personal project. This one all done in Cinema 4d, using Photoshop for compositing in the night sky, and flames from the rocket. I think the secret to how this render came out so well was that I placed a red light inside the thruster part of the rocket. And once the flames were added in post it really helped sell the effect that it's taking off!