The Happinator was created for Virgin Experience Days marketing theme for January 2014. There was no set brief to this, so we came up with a machine who could turn your bad thoughts into happy ones.

We were wanting a steampunk feel to the model, so the big coggs on the front, with all the panels with the bolts in, all help to sell this style. I always like to get some personality into my models, even if it is a machine, so adding the top hat to the top of the sign helped do just that.

The model was created within Cinema 4d, with the smoke and other extras added in post. A handful of different renders were done to cover the entire months theme, including some with a golden ticket to indicate a competition, and some with money spraying out the side to indicate deals and savings.

I also created a logo to acompany the Happinator using illustrator, which features some coggs subtly in the background to keep the steampunk design.

To date this has probably been one of our most successful campaigns on the social side, helping the brand gain over a thousand new followers, and increase our engagement hugely.

You can watch the video we used to promote the Happinator below