New Age - Virgin Treats

client: Virgin Management

New Age - Virgin Treats - Dinosaur and Card

The brief:

We've been producing birthday cards for the Virgin Management team for the past couple of years. They didnt have any ideas of where they wanted to go this year with the design, which allowed me to try some different things that I wouldn't normally get to do!

The idea we favoured the most was the "new age" theme, using a dinosaur as the main reference in the scene. Also hinting back to last years design it was decided to have some satellites and a starry space themed sky.

All of this was made in MODO. This was my first full scene made entirely in MODO so I learned quite a few things from managing multiple assets. I approached it by modelling and texturing each item in its own scene, then moving it into the main scene file. Doing this is 3d allowing me to try out different camera angles and positions of different items.

Overall it was a really fun project to work on and I'm really happy with how it ended up.

Outside Spread

New Age - Virgin Treats - Card Cover

New Age - Virgin Treats - Wireframe

Details shots

Below are some close up shots of different parts of the design.


New Age - Virgin Treats - Campfire


New Age - Virgin Treats - Dinosaur


New Age - Virgin Treats - Satellites

Inside Spread

For the inside spread of the card, it was decided to re-use the scene but from a top-down perspective. The models were moved around to fit around the messages that would be inside the card.

New Age - Virgin Treats - Inside Spread

Early Render

This was one of the first renders that was presented to get across the style we were wanting to take the design.

New Age - Virgin Treats - Early Render