Leisure Vouchers Rebrand

client: Leisure Vouchers

The Brief:

Leisure Vouchers is the leading Lifestyle Voucher in the UK, but the brand was starting to feel dated. Along with a new brand strategy, they wanted new branding and all support materials including new vouchers and website.

The project involved:

Brand Identity

One thing that was mentioned early on was that they were wanting the brand to feel more modern and fun.

I went away and did some research into current logo trend, inspiration and competitor research. Below are a few of the initial concepts that didnt make it.

The great thing about coming up with a new brand identity is that you can change everything. There wasn't anything we were particually wanting to keep around from the old brand.

I came up with new color palettes, icons and finally the logo.

Intitial sketches for logos done on paper and in Photoshop, then built out in Illustrator.

Voucher Design

The old style Leisure Vouchers were probably the most critised part of the old design. I dont think it was a bad design, i think it was due to having a white background, and on the voucher paper stock its not a pure white.

I chose to go with solid colors from our color palette to represent the different denominations. Using the bubbles again to tie it all, and having the amount inside one of these brought it all together.

Along with the vouchers we also needed new packaging to hold them. We decided to keep this simple, using the primary Leisure Vouchers purple, and taking some influence from the vouchers by using the bubbles in the corner. To make a bit more interesting we used a wavey curve on the inside of the wallet.

Voucher designs were done in Illustrator with accompanying artwork done in InDesign.

Web Design

The original Leisure Vouchers website had been built nearly 10 years ago, and was still functioning perfectly well! But to reflect the brand identity it needed to be brought more up-to-date.

Straight away i knew i wanted to put more emphasis on the vouchers themselves, so having these featured as the main item on the home page was key. But at the same time having to consider that they vouchers on their own dont really mean anything to a new visitor, so having a scrolling image background behind these intergrated really well.

We were going to have a CMS built too for managing the brand and category pages, so i had to design these in a slightly different way as to allow for all different lengths of content. By doing quick wireframes it allowed me to quickly test content length and work out the right design before spending time making big design decisions.

I designed the site using Photoshop and Sketch 3.

Web Development

I was responsible for all the front-end code, leaving the back-end to web development company we work with, Intuitiv.

This build turned out to be much easier than initially planned out in the design stages. Due to time restraints certain features couldnt be added, or wouldnt be feasable.

Leisure Vouchers was build in html using Sass for styling and a little javascript for some interactivity. I chose to use cactus as a static site generator to take advantage of its templating. I wasn't using any of the other features of cactus becasue i knew before i handed the code back i'd have to rewrite it into ASPX.

Since this was a project i knew i wouldnt be maintaining after handing over, i produced various guides on what different parts of the code were doing. I also produced a front-end style guide to help any future developers quickly get up and running, and ensure consisitancy with the rest of the site.

I use Sublime 2 for coding.