Fun Factory

client: Virgin Experience Days

Fun Factory was created for Virgin Experience Days Spring Campaign in 2015.

This campaign used some assets previously created from Christmas 2014 - Caribou Bob - taken to a new place.

The idea with the fun factory was to put the fun back into giving, so we took the beloved character of Bob, gave him a fresh new outfit, a truck, and some new friends and sent him on his adventure!

The Characters

I'd learned alot from the previous campaign of using Bob, so completely retextured, and re-rigged the character, allowing much more control.

Bob 4 shot

We also needed some variations of Bob, so came up with Science Bob, and Builder / Factory Worker Bob.

Bob, Science Bob, Builder Bob

As per the last project, everything was created within Modo, and finished in Photoshop.

The Truck

Bob needed a way to get around to deliver the fun, so we have the truck that he drives around in.

The Truck

We wanted to keep the truck fairly simple, with lots of hits of fun, so we used the bright color palette that was designed for the Fun Factory campaign to help create this with the patch work feel.

Some final renders

RollerCoaster Bob

Other Bobs

Spring Truck

Truck n Bob

We even got some bisuits made of all the Bobs and the truck by the amazing people at Biscuiteers.